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Decision Making Process

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board are the lead agencies responsible for analyzing the potential environmental impacts that may result from testing aquatic weed management methods in the Tahoe Keys lagoons.

Informed by scientific analysis, the lead agencies seek to develop tests that minimize environmental impacts, comply with regulatory standards and thresholds, have the potential to effectively manage aquatic weeds, and are technologically and economically feasible.

When making a decision on the best course of action for testing methods to manage aquatic weeds in the Tahoe Keys lagoons, the lead agencies consider and balance information from the following sources:

  • An independent analysis performed by a team of technical experts of the potential impacts of testing different technologies
  • Input and recommendations from a collaborative Stakeholder Committee, partner agencies, and interested organizations regarding the goals, scope and approach to environmental analysis
  • Scientific peer review of the environmental analysis by the U.S. EPA and California Water Board
  • The key questions and concerns from the public in the Tahoe Basin and beyond regarding aquatic weeds management