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News Lake Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species


News September 24, 2022: Milestone: No Herbicide Detected in Tahoe Keys Final Test Area

News September 3, 2022: Officials Say Keys Invasive Weeds Test Working; First Turbidity Curtain Being Removed

News January 27, 2022: TRPA Approves Innovative Invasive Weeds Test

News January 7, 2022: Agencies to Consider Tahoe Keys Control Methods Test Project

News October 9, 2021: Aquatic Invasive Species in Lake Tahoe

News September 24, 2021: Workshops on tap for Tahoe Keys aquatic weeds control, proposed methods testing

News April 21,2021: Lake Tahoe Invasive Species: The Problem And The Plans To Solve It

News March 30, 2021: Lake Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species Action Agenda – Emerging Technologies to Play Pivotal Role

News March 12, 2021: Taking unprecedented action against aquatic invasive species 

News March 2, 2021: Underwater Cameras Capture Spectacular Lake Tahoe ‘Bubble Curtain’

News February 24, 2021: Tiny bubbles aid new push to kill invasive weeds at Tahoe

News January 12, 2021:  Lake Tahoe considers ‘controversial’ herbicides for the first time in fight against aquatic weeds

News March 19, 2019: High-tech fight on aquatic invasive plants in Lake Tahoe shows promising results

News September 21, 2018: Ten years of fighting aquatic invasive species at Lake Tahoe

News July 13, 2018: Elk Point Marina Aquatic Invasive Plant Control Project

News Summer 2018: Tahoe In Depth Special Report: 10 Years Fighting Aquatic Invasive Species

News August 17, 2018: Ten years of fighting invasive species at Tahoe

News August 15, 2018: Keeping Lake Tahoe clean with bottom barriers

News May 29, 2018: Bubble Wall Could Stop Spread of Aquatic Invasive Plants in Lake Tahoe (video)

News May 30, 2018: Bubble curtain to help contain invasive plants in Tahoe Keys

News May 24, 2018: Tahoe Keys testing new technology to combat spread of weeds

News April 7, 2018: Lake Tahoe Group Supports Fight Against Invasive Species

News February 16, 2017: Time to ramp up invasive species control projects at Lake Tahoe

News August 2017: The AIS Challenge at Lake Tahoe

News July 31, 2017 Sun-blocking barriers helping fight invasive weeds in Lake Tahoe lagoon

News July 23, 2017: Momentum picks up in fight against invasive plants in Tahoe

News July 19, 2017: Modesto engineer uses UV lights to kill weeds in Lake Tahoe (video)

News July 10, 2017: Pilot program kills invasive aquatic plants in Lake Tahoe with UV light (video)

News September 17, 2015: Meeting the aquatic invasive species challenge at Tahoe

News August 2016: The AIS Challenge at Lake Tahoe

News August 2015: The AIS Challenge at Lake Tahoe

Blog February 12, 2014: Working each day to keep Tahoe Blue: Limnologist Katie Webb explains the threats facing the unique ecology of Lake Tahoe

News June 30, 2013 Emerald Bay waters clearing as weed removal progresses